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Bike Center Debuts New Retail Space

the inside of the bike center

IMG_0883This month, we completed an upgrade to our retail space and now provide a unique variety of European cycling lifestyle brands. The new selection includes leather saddles, compact toolkits, high-quality saddle and shoulder bags, sturdy wicker baskets, and other items for the urban cyclist. Brooks England, one of the featured brands, was originally established in 1866 as a manufacturer of leather goods for horseback riding. For 150 years, Brooks’ innovative design has kept up with the times while maintaining a signature classic look, and they are now known for their iconic saddles, as pictured to the left.


We are also proud to be carrying Royal Dutch Gazelle bikes, a century-old company born in the Netherlands in 1892. Gazelle bikes are sleek but durable, and ideal for city riding, as they “[offer] the perfect combination of smooth cycling, clever design and robust quality.” The company was awarded it’s “Royal” title by Dutch Princess Margriet in 1992 for maintaining impeccable standards of quality for 100 years. Gazelle (and the SMBC) believe that the better your bike is, the more often you’ll ride it, and that there are few better investments than a great bicycle!

IMG_0887Another manufacturer with Dutch roots and a long heritage is Basil, founded as a small village cycling shop in 1934. Basil produces functional wicker and wire baskets, bags, bells, and other accessories. The Bike Center is one of only 5 retail locations in Santa Monica to carry the Basil brand. The wicker basket (left) is ideal for trips to the beach, local farmer’s market, or fitness class, since it’s easily detachable and has hinged handles!

Whether you are new to urban cycling or have been commuting for decades, high-quality, reliable gear is one of the best ways to make riding easy and comfortable. We are excited to be offering such a great selection of accessories to help Santa Monica riders integrate more bike trips into their daily routines.

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