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November Newsletter – ABUS Gear Giveaway

People biking through the bike lane close to the Santa Monica Pier


No, this is now a “How to have a bike wedding”, nor is it a “5 ways to kill your in laws on a bike”. This is a reflection piece on how bicycles can bring us closer together, even over the course of a fifteen minute pedal by the beach.

Weddings are the happiest days of most people’s lives, until they have kids or get a dog or something even crazier. Why not spice it up? 

That’s exactly what this couple did. On Saturday the 21st of October, Jane and Grant got married in Santa Monica, rode their bikes from the ceremony to the after party, and had a damn good time doing it.

It didn’t take any overly elaborate form of planning, all they did was call us to reserve a group rental for the bridal party and family members to pedal a few blocks down the street and along the beach to appreciate the sunny California summer. They finished with dinner after their first bike ride as a married couple with all their closest friends and family.

Not only did this create a truly one-of-a-kind wedding, but they got a little sight seeing in too before the grape juice started flowing. See some of the images down below to see how you too can be as progressive and fun as the newlyweds!






Images courtesy of Jen @ToastMeetsJam, Happy Honeymoon!


The times, they are a changin’. With the Expo Line comfortably transporting pedestrians from Downtown LA to Santa Monica, our beach town is more connected to the bustling and historic DTLA than it has ever been. Cyclists, and commuters generally, are able to work and play in new parts of the city. No sluggish traffic or stressful parking. But, what if a cyclist is looking for the amenities and comfort of the Santa Monica Bike Center on the East side?

We are excited to introduce the brand new Union Station Metro Bike Hub, opening on November 15th in Downtown LA! Metro Bike Hub will be offering many of the same amenities as the Santa Monica Bike Center. Members will be able to enjoy secure 24-hour bike storage and a part-time staff of mechanics for all your cycling needs. Commuters will be able to rest easy knowing they have a place to safely park their bike and tidy up before walking into the office every morning.

The best part? The Hub will be located within Union Station, a convenient stop for commuting locals and travelers alike, by the Mozaic apartments and adjacent to the bus bay used by Amtrak. Tourists visiting the revitalized Downtown Area will be able to explore its famous streets and architecture by bike on their own, or on one of the tours offered. We’re currently developing tours that show off various aspects of the area such as the eye catching buildings and mouthwatering eateries.

We can’t wait to serve a new part of the Los Angeles community and bring our welcoming Westside hospitality to the center of LA. Please reach out if you have any questions regarding the new location and if you are interested in becoming a member! We also would love to hear any input you have for features you’d like to see in the Hub and how we can make it the best possible experience for you, our beloved chain-churning road warrior.

Image courtesy of Curbed


We saw this piece in the Santa Monica Mirror and had to toss our thoughts into the ring. As a business located in downtown Santa Monica we have experienced the changing cityscape firsthand and believe we can offer some insight into how people are currently traveling to and exploring our beautiful hometown and how we think we can make the experience better for everyone moving forward.

The author posits that a reduction in downtown Santa Monica parking will hurt business and stop local shoppers from running errands and picking up essentials downtown. “Our downtown businesses are already suffering the effects of online competition. If the City were to make it more inconvenient by eliminating downtown parking, businesses are likely to suffer further.”

We would like to argue that yes, a reduction in downtown parking will make it less likely that a local scoots downtown for their daily errands. But, are any locals still doing this? We would argue that the target demographic of downtown Santa Monica business has shifted away from catering to local essentials towards travelers and leisure shopping. As Santa Monica as a destination has grown in popularity, the businesses it features are now aimed at servicing the type of consumer in the area. Mainly travelers and a smaller group of individuals working out of local offices.

Targeting these audiences for big spending at the Downtown Santa Monica area will bring in new customers and new commuters as well. With the Expo line in full swing from Downtown Los Angeles, and the upcoming Metro Bike Hub paired with the Santa Monica Bike Center’s 300+ bicycle parking spaces and showers, we’d be foolish not to cater to the new wave of commuters aiming to take advantage of the hidden gems in a commuting city.

So let’s let the businesses reflect the individuals shopping in them. Locals can comfortably frequent businesses along Montana, Wilshire, and Santa Monica Boulevard while we, downtown businesses, can even better serve the consumers in the area with less parking and more storefronts for browsing.



We’re pleased to announce the winners of the following products. Please reach out to us on socials to claim your prizes! 

ABUS Youn-1 Ace Helmet: RONOEL AREVALO / ABUS Bordo 6000 Folding Lock: SARAH SCOTVOLD / ABUS Nutfix Axle Locks: MATTHEW THE BARBER

Congratulations everyone that participated, we had over 2,000 people engage with our pages, spreading the love of safety, style, and sustainability in cycling! We’ll be partnering with more brands going forward so don’t be shy! Follow, like, share, and comment! 


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