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Santa Monica Bike Center best ‘bike center facility’ by League of American Bicyclists, Steve Clark


BFC Steve: Top 10 Bike Facilities

Bicycle Friendly America

As of today, I have toured 14 cities by bike. These bicycle friendly visits are pretty much all structured the same: meet with city/county staff before the ride; tour the city by bike 5-15 miles with the same group plus or minus elected officials and bike advocates/shop managers or owners and then have a debriefing session with a larger group later in the afternoon or evening.

Each day a new city, (using a bicycle to get to) and each Saturday, a new regional trip, using bus or train. Yes, it’s a fantastic opportunity and the best part about it is with each new visit I am able to add new things to my presentation!  So far every city has had something special that other cities can learn from. (And yes, every city also has areas that need help!)

I’m mostly focusing on infrastructure, but as any good materialist will tell you, ideas too can become a material force! So here are not only the Top 10 treatments I’ve witnessed, but stay tuned tomorrow for 10 city superlatives that might ultimately be a bigger factor in long term success than the infrastructure!

Best Bike Center: Santa Monica, CA

When not serving customers, Abby Beal of the Bike Center in Santa Monica also helps businesses become Bicycle Friendly! Lockers, showers, bike rentals, classes, and repairs are all available at this centrally located bike station.

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