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September Newsletter

children learning how to ride bikes

California bike summit

On average, cyclists in Los Angeles save about 50 hours a year by not driving to work. How did you get to work this week?

Listen up people, The California Bike Summit is happening soon. You may have never heard of it, but it’s essentially a convention with all the people that make our city streets safer and more fun. Some of the hot topics being discussed include: Building the best Bike Campuses, keeping streets and intersections safe, new camera technology, and Open Streets planning to build safe and fun routes to school and work for kids and adults.





The start of school normally reminds us that we’ve forgotten our New Year’s resolution to learn to ride a bike and probably teach our kids to ride too. Fortunately, it won’t be yet another headache when the sack lunches still need packing. Sustainable Streets offers Adult Learn to Ride classes for adults, and private lessons for kids to get the whole family rolling safely and smoothly. Let’s face it, everyone could use another reason to get down to the beach on a Sunday.

If you love learning new things or just want to brush up on your already advanced quiver of biking skills then we have the class for you too!

BREAKING NEWS: COAST is coming to Santa Monica October 1st from 10am-4pm on Main St and Ocean Blvd! Learn more!

Sounds great, but you’re saying I have to know what bike and gear to buy now? Again, don’t worry, we have solutions for you. We’ve put together a list of some of our favorite gear to keep you stylish, safe, and seen. Here are just a few of our favorite things on the market right now. Stop by the store, or click on the images to find out more…





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