The Bike Center is home to passionate bike enthusiasts. We have years of experience cycling as our main mode of transportation, and we’re also tapped into the Greater Los Angeles bike culture and community. We’re always eager to share our secrets, tips and connections with those who are interested in converting to a more sustainable way of traveling and getting involved in LA’s one-of-a-kind bike scene.

Santa Monica and Culver City

With our original location in Santa Monica, we’ve been perfectly positioned to integrate ourselves into local tourism. For six years, we’ve been running bike and walking tours around West Los Angeles, evolving them with the changing rhythms of the city. Our local status and our combined 75+ years of experience in the bike rental and tour business give us an edge over other tour companies, as we visit both popular tourist attractions as well as our favorite longstanding, off-the-beaten-track spots. The Bike Center team is comprised of enthusiastic guides and cyclists who are eager to share the best parts of their beloved city with visitors and give you an unforgettable experience.

The Bike Center at our Santa Monica location has proven to be an extremely satisfying endeavor. We’re proud of the community we’ve built and all the cyclists — commuters and travelers alike — whom we’ve served over the years. We’re eager to build a similar community at our new location in Culver City and are devoted to bringing West Los Angeles tourism to an under-appreciated part of Los Angeles.

Come on by and say hello!