Commuting to work can be a stressful experience if you’re traveling by car in busy southern California. Why not give commuting by bike a try? Our Culver City Commuter Membership provides you with all of the facilities to make your commute more enjoyable and seamless so that you can cut down on both pollution and stress levels! We’ve partnered with Metro Bike Hub to provide you with the option to self-park your bike at their 24/7 secure parking lot or have The Bike Center valet your ride for you.


Metro Bike Hub offers highly secure bike parking conveniently located just outside Culver Junction. Once you’re signed up, you can access Metro Bike Hub with your membership card anytime, 24/7. You’ll be able to self-park your bike in our state-of-the-art Dero Decker and head off into the city, knowing your bike is safe and sound. Metro Bike Hub also offers on-call maintenance service for your bike, so if anything happens to your ride, you can give them a call and they’ll come to your rescue.


– 24/7 Access to Secure Bike Parking Area
– 15% Off Bike Repairs
– 10% Off Retail Items
– Free Bike Commuting Consultation


Commuting by bike is extremely beneficial for both the environment and you. By cycling, you reduce your CO2 emissions significantly, helping keep the air cleaner and shrink your carbon footprint. The environment is sure to thank you!

Your body will thank you too. The average person loses 13 pounds in their first year commuting to work by bike, and just 3 hours per week of cycling can reduce your risk for cardiovascular disease by 50%. You’ll also enjoy saving time and money — no sitting in traffic, paying for gas, insurance, parking, tickets or tow-fees. You’ll have fun and reduce stress!

At The Bike Center, we are committed to reducing our carbon footprint while conveniently boosting our overall health. We love cycling, and we believe that bikes are an easy, affordable, and stress-reducing way to commute to work. Take the scenic route, skip the traffic, and feel better knowing that your morning commute doubles as exercise and contributes to a cleaner city!

Don’t currently commute by bike? Now is a great time to start! Join our Commuter Bike Loan Program(opens in a new tab) and we’ll set you up for a free two-week trial of commuting by bike. We’ll lend you a commuter bike, help you plan your route, and teach you how to stay safe on the road.


The Bike Center offers the safest place to park in downtown Santa Monica and Culver City with year-round bike valet during normal business hours. Why worry about your ride while you’re off having fun? Just leave your bike with our friendly staff while you hit the waves, check out the farmers’ market, or visit the shops at Santa Monica Place.