Our Commuter Bike Loan Program aims to increase the number of people who commute by bicycle to work or school. For two weeks, we will furnish you with everything you need in order to begin commuting by bike, free of charge! We’ll give you all the equipment and support you need to get comfortable transitioning from commuting by car to bicycling. When your two week trial is up, you’ll know whether or not commuting by bike is for you (spoiler alert: it is!).


• A fully equipped commuter bike (electric assist or standard), available in multiple frame sizes to fit riders between 5’0” and 6’5” in height.
• Basic accessories including a headlight & tail light, bike lock, pannier, and helmet. Child seats and front baskets are also available.
Support: We’ll help you with route planning, weather preparedness, theft prevention–everything you need to establish a safe and worry-free commute by bike.

At the end of the trial period, the bike and accessories shall be returned to The Bike Center or you can purchase the setup and keep pedaling. This program targets employees and students who primarily commute by car and are willing to give bicycle commuting a try at least three times per week.

Overwhelmingly, past participants in the Commuter Bike Loan Program have been converted to bike commuters!

All items must be returned after completing the trial period. Participants are responsible for lost or stolen items. A credit card authorization is required to check out equipment.

Enroll now and start your free two-week trial!