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National Bike Challenge 2014 Results

Santa Monica Bike Center

National Bike Challenge 2014 Results

In its third year, the League of American Bicyclists hosted the annual National Bike Challenge uniting over 47,000 bicyclists nationwide to compete for awards based on team, community, workplace, and individual performance. The Challenge motivates riders of all levels and experience to log bicycling miles for both transportation and sport.

Melissa Koepke, an employee of the Santa Monica Bike Center, states, “After seeing so many others commute by bike, it has made me appreciate my small commute that much more!”

In the workplace category, Santa Monica Bike Center employees pedaled over 17,000 miles to a first place finish in the Bike Shop/Bike Industry sub-category. Likewise, City of Santa Monica employees finished 26th out of 276 in their workplace category. Koepke adds, “I never added up the miles I would ride in a week until the bike challenge. It definitely makes me feel good to see the amount of miles I’ve ridden since the start of the challenge. It pushes me to want to do even more miles!”

The City of Santa Monica, the Santa Monica Bike Center and local advocates also joined forces to formulate a community-wide team called ‘Bike Santa Monica.’ City Manager, Rod Gould an avid rider for the team states, “In 2011 City Council made a significant community investment via the bicycle action plan.” Francie Stefan, another team rider and Transportation and Strategic Planning Manager for the City of Santa Monica, notes, “Santa Monica has seen an increase in bicycling by over 50% in only two years.”

Together team Bike Santa Monica placed 14th out of 1100 teams nationwide. “Nearly three years later, our success in the National Bike Challenge demonstrates the positive impact bicycling has in Santa Monica. To pedal 97,000 miles in five months is an outstanding accomplishment,” adds Rod Gould.

For a complete list of award winners and team results see the League of American Bicyclists news page. Each year the challenge improves and gets more competitive with more participants! We look forward to the 2015 Challenge! Pedal on and ride safe!


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