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New Jersey Man Rides to Mount Whitney for Charity

man posing with bicycle in front of mural

Bill Zuppa with his Jamis Aurora touring bike that has been used on his "Georgie Ride" since 1999.

Bill Zuppa with his Jamis Aurora touring bike that has been used on his “Georgie Ride” since 1999.

Santa Monica, CA – September 2, 2016 – Bill Zuppa, a New Jersey resident and bike enthusiast, embarked on his annual “OneManOneBikeOneChild” ride this morning to raise funds for special needs children. This year, Zuppa will ride from the Santa Monica Pier to Mount Whitney in Inyo County. The strenuous 220 miles will see Bill riding through Labor Day Weekend, a time that most people use for rest and relaxation. Bill is using the time as an opportunity to ride his bicycle and raise money for a cause that he holds close to his heart.

For the 20th year Zuppa’s “Georgie Ride”, as he calls it, will be in honor of his nephew, Georgie Caunt, who had cerebral palsy and died, in 1995, at age 14. Each year, the funds raised by Zuppa’s ride are donated to the Piscataway Regional Day School, which Caunt attended. Specifically, Zuppa has worked with the school to ensure that the funds are donated to one child of the schools choosing.

“Doing something you love to do without concern for personal gain or monetary reward, and giving it purpose and meaning by assisting someone in need, is simply the best.” Zuppa said of the annual ride.

After this year Zuppa has his eyes set on a few future rides. Most notably a trip to the Haleakala Volcano in Maui, Hawaii.

If you would like to sponsor Zuppa, donations can be made to One Man, One Bike, One Child, P.O. Box 1172, West Caldwell, NJ 07006.

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